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The complete accounting package for larger councils

* Full double entry accounting system
* Accounting entries via cash book, purchase ledger and sales ledger in any combination
* Full invoicing package contained within the sales ledger
* Either special or commercial VAT returns
* Comprehensive budget routines on either annual or monthly profiling basis

Full budget reporting including:

* Current month
* Year to date against estimate
* Funds available
* Committed expenditure
* Virements
* Virements tracking
* Next year estimates can be produced in current year with comprehensive budget history reporting
* Up to five year forward budget calculations

For "SORP" Councils:

* Cost reallocation module
* Full time sheet analysis, giving Labour Reallocation and Overhead Reallocation
* Performance Indicators Table of Factors produces indicators by Cost Centres or Individual Budget Heading

Demonstrations, Prices, Training and Support

At RBS, we are happy to provide on-line demonstrations of our products on a no-obligation,
no-cost basis. Post-sales, we are able to provide full installation and support for any of the
software packages we provide. For further information, prices or to arrange a product demonstration please contact us: info@rbssoftware.co.uk

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