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Cemeteries Administration handles all requirements for the day-to-day management of multiple burial sites.

Features include:

  • Comprehensive Search Facilities that link Grave Space to Lessee and Internees; Purchase Grave and Dedicatees.
  • Grave Space Register (by site)
  • Burial Register (by site)
  • Purchase Graves Register (by site)
  • Deed/Grant Documentation and Grave Purchase
  • Invoice Transfer of Deeds/Grants
  • Comprehensive Details of Burial Application
  • Burial Application Confirmation and Invoice Notice to Groundsman and Grave Digger for Grave Preparation
  • Names and Addresses of Funeral Director, Minister etc.
  • Details of Dedicatees against Reserved Grave Spaces
  • Details of Internees and Next of Kin
  • Special Notes against Specific Interment
  • Application for erection of Memorials Details
  • Inspection Report and Schedule of Inspections

Demonstrations, Prices, Training and Support

At RBS, we are happy to provide on-line demonstrations of our products on a no-obligation,
no-cost basis. Post-sales, we are able to provide full installation, support and training for any of the
software packages we provide. For further information, prices or to arrange a product demonstration please contact us: info@rbssoftware.co.uk

Cemetery Software Case Studies

Case Study

Friday, August 20, 2010

Abingdon Town Council

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